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The Anabolic Steroids That Are Widely Available On The Internet!

With anabolic steroids widely available on the internet like candy have made them even more popular among bodybuilders. We reveal the FACTS & Dangers!

The Killer Steroid Epidemic, Dangerous Roids Widely Available On The Web!
The Killer Steroid Epidemic, Dangerous Roids Widely Available On The Web!

The facts are there for all to see! Steroids are readily available on the internet and in plain sight! Steroids are becoming the new norm for bodybuilders, and the younger generation does not seem educated about the dangers of steroid use in general!

A few years back you had to know someone to buy anabolic steroids on the web but now they are being handed out like candy! Websites, blogs, and forums are not even hiding the fact that they are selling steroids openly on the internet!

The Latest Anabolic Steroid Epidemic!

The bodybuilding industry is growing expediently because of the “ripped craze” that most young men are looking to attein! But, they are turning to roids and pumping it in the wind rather than hitting the gym!

Most guys go to the gym because they are so widely accessible these days, which is not a bad thing! But, It makes it the perfect place to peddle steroids to a wide variety of customers all looking to improve their bodies!

Is This Cause For Concern?

Yes, using anabolic steroids is bad enough when created in a professional environment, but the roids sold on the web have been poorly formulated! Most are mixed with added ingredients such as rat poison and meth to make them even more potent for better reorder rates!

With over a million users in the UK alone are using steroids, which means that the steroid industry is booming and users seem fixed on a better body. While ignoring the devastating side effects associated with using inferior steroid mixes!

All because online peddlers are getting away with selling these dirty pills over the internet! Evidence of bathtub labs creating thousands of steroid pills that will end up in gyms up and down the country have been found recently in many TV documentariess!

Emails We Are Receiving!

Here at The Centre Fold Project, we receive many users asking us for website URLs and steroid preference emails on almost a daily basis! Users seem adornment to use steroids at any cost to get the physique they see on TV, magazines and the internet!

Many ask us to recommend an anabolic steroid to get them ripped in six or seven weeks! But some are more experienced and ask for a supplier or new website we can send them for their next fix!

Here is an email we received yesterday:


I want to buy roids (Dianabol) to get my muscles growing, could you recommend a supplier or send me some asap? I have used them before and want to start lifting for a family event next month!, Thanks ****

We receive about three emails a week asking the same question! We reply, with a significant scripture about how dangerous and life-threatening these drugs can be! Even if used for three months, they can cause irreversible effects on your liver and heart function!

The Anabolic Steroid Epidemic & The Risk!

Side effects are a big concern for users who continuously boost their levels of testosterone! They can start small such as heart palpitations or a feeling of rapid heartbeats similar to when you finish that 10-mile run! Then they become more severe:

  • Higher blood pressure than normal
  • Shakes and jitters
  • Dizziness and fainting
  • Liver or kidney infections

But with the latest anabolic steroid epidemic on the web, users can experience death, heart failure or strokes! The epidemic is getting that low with many fatalities and issues relating to side effects making it into many tabloids around the world!

Social Steroid Users

Yes, this is also a thing now, you mix steroids, alcohol and other uppers to create a feeling of euphoria which ultimately turns to rage.

There have been many instances recently where roid rage has ruined peoples lives. Because of the feeling steroids will give you especially when mixed with alcohol and other drugs! Rage is a primal instinct and it heightened when taking part in the latest steroid epidemic!

Awareness Is Needed!

I used steroids many years ago and know the devastating effects they cause on your body! I have seen gym partners fall on the floor foaming at the mouth, while others have suffered severe liver conditions caused by continuous use! And have since passed away!

There is also no smart way to take steroids, stacking, pyramiding and so on, do not stop the shakes, jitters, man boobs plus the dependency of receiving that hit of testosterone!.

But the younger generation of today does not know what is packed in the pills they are taking! They have no concept as to the permanent side effects they are risking because they do not want to lift the heavyweights every other day down the gym!

More needs to be done about the awareness of using anabolic steroids, especially in the UK & US where they are available to anyone with a keypad!

Our Advice To Potential Steroid Users

Like all emails we receiving seeking to buy steroids, we give the same advice:

Steroid use is dangerous and should be avoided! What are in these steroids you are buying and do you need them? If you're going to use steroids, you are a cheat, and your body will be damaged for life! Any gains you may receive using steroids will fast disappear because your body will lack the capability to produce testosterone on your own after using them!

Building muscle is a slow process, and if done correctly your muscle gains will withstand the test of time! Unlike using steroids for a quick and hazardous risk! Body Bros

By Lee Stevenson

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