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Crazy Bulk is a very popular brand for Users who run, play sports and build muscle! In this article, we will be listing the best place to purchase Crazy Bulk and how to get a price reduction! Over the last year, we have received many emails asking for discounts and offers associated with this product!

Although we are not associated with Crazy Bulk we know where to buy this brand and how to get the best price on stacks and single-use supplements. 

But, like all popular supplements sold through the internet, scams and fake formulas pop-up all over the place! Websites like eBay, Amazon, eBid and Etsy all sell some sort of Crazy Bulk branded products. With the majority being fake/copies they are “NOT” actually the real thing!

Sometimes users who have previously bought Crazy Bulk will sell their unwanted supplements on eBay, Amazon or eBid! Our advise would be to avoid them because you just never know if they are ledgitimate! BODY BROS.

The Crazy Bulk Brand

Stacking Crazy Bulk Legal Steroids
The Crazy Bulk Brand!

The brand has a long history, which is unusual for a supplement because most of them fail after the first year! Crazy bulk is one of the most popular and sort after sports and bodybuilding supplements. They have been sold worldwide for over seven years. We are not saying this company is perfect. But, they have proven that their formulas are effective and solid over the years!

They are expensive, which has caused many of our readers to ask for discounts ETC. With their cheapest product costing $30/35 and their most expensive stack costing over $100! But, you get what you pay for! Crazy Bulk source premium ingredients and can back up their claims through research!

Another point to make is the ingredients are “UNIQUE” with many other companies trying to copy and mass-produce their mixes. Made in the USA & UK, Crazy Bulk ticks all the right boxes when it comes to ingredients and benefits.

What Crazy Bulk Offers
What Crazy Bulk Offers

The Crazy Bulk Scam!

To enjoy the benefits of Crazy Bulk you “MUST” use the official formula. Do not accept anything else! Because these copied formulas cause side effects and will not benefit muscle growth! This is because the ingredients are “NOT” premium sourced and the volumes will not be mixed according to research!

Claiming Your Discount

Like all products on the web, they regularly offer discounts. For example new product releases, holidays, Black Friday and other events. For the time being Crazy Bulk is offering a three for two offers. If you purchase any two single products you will receive a totally free bottle.

  • Buy two bottles and get the third for free
  • Come back or signup to our newsletter for the latest deals and discounts

Apart from this discount which you can find here, we are not aware of any current discounts as of 2019. But, we are in constant contact with Crazy Bulk and regularly visit their website and receive email notifications on the latest deals and offers. 

We love to pass on the latest benefits and discounts so if there is a new offer we will update this post accordingly!

Only Use The Official Outlet!

Over the years Crazy Bulk has only ever sold its formula from its official website. They are very strict with this policy and have never sold their products through Amazon, eBay, and other 3rd parties.

This is due to copies and scams that are already making the rounds on these buy and sell websites. In the near future do not buy from Amazon, eBay, and others because C.B has been following this policy since the beginning (2013). For more information concerning this strict sales, policy contact Crazy Bulk for an official statement!

For a full breakdown of the benefits of this supplement, brand read our Crazy Bulk Review

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