Cell Tech Review By Muscletech, Get The Facts and Formula Breakdown!


Cell-Tech BY Muscletech comes in a big fancy tub targeting bodybuilders who want to build muscle quick! Maybe beginners are impressed by this multi-flavor powder that makes many claims about huge bulk, muscle mass, and strength!

Here at Body Bros, we have been lifting for many years and have nearly tried every powder, pill, and drink available in our quest to find the best!

This Cell-Tech review will look into this tub and reveal all there is to know, from ingredients to health risks. Plus the positives and negatives to using this brand of creatine powder!

Like all powdered shakes, they can taste chalky and sometimes resemble rotten eggs! But, with an orange/citrus bursting tasting formula Cell-Tech might just be your next favorite brand!

Tip: Do not forget that Cell-Tech comes in a wide variety of flavors!

What Is Cell-Tech By Muscletech?


Cell-Tech is an orange-flavored (PLUS MANY OTHER FLAVOURS!) creatine drink. Made by the famous and highly popular brand “MUSCLETECH”.

Muscletech has been making and creating fitness & bodybuilding supplements for many years (10+years). Cell-Tech is one of their popular editions similar popularity to Clear Muscle.

This particular brand receives good feedback and positive reviews, plus an excellent reorder rate among many previous customers! Made with premium volumed ingredients, not a preparatory blend that many “so-called” supplements are guilty of!

  1. Created for hard gainers!
  2. Maximum ingredients for huge muscle growth

If you're bulking then this product would be a perfect fit because it claims to build hard muscle bulk in a matter of weeks! But what supplement brand does not make these claims?

We are more interested in the ingredients and how users have reacted to this popular creatine drink.

Our review process will explore Cell-Tech reviews from customers and explore the mixture and purity of the ingredients listed.

If you would like to know how creatine works and what it can achieve then please read this external source.

Carefully Created?

Muscletech has done a great job of putting together a good product from the outside. At first glance, the ingredients listed on their bottle will boost muscle growth, strength, and a more energetic workout.

But, can the other ingredients added to this formula make a difference or is it just marketing hype to get their product moving off the shelves?


So What Is Cell-Tech?

Created, sold and targeted towards bulkers and beginners looking to build quick muscle mass! Cell-Tech uses the main ingredient creatine plus many others explained further down this review. If you want to start lifting then this type of supplement would be your first product.

Cell-Tech provides a powdered tub of fifty-six servings. If you consume two servings a day “which we recommend due to experience” one tub will last 27 days which is not enough for a bulking cycle.

If you follow the advised six to eight-week cycle recommended by experts for maximum gain you will have to invest over £60/70 for this product! Although this is average for this size type and quality type!

Cell-Tech ships all over the world and is mainly shipped from the UK or US markets to worldwide locations. Ordering through Amazon or eBay would be the best option for their delivery and returns policy. Failing that you could pop into your local store and pick up a tub!

How Does It Work?


Muscletech has utilized both creatine citrate/monohydrate, BCAA'S, Taurine & aline plus ALA. This mixture of ingredients is very interesting because it greatly boosts ATP which makes your muscle fibers work for longer periods.

Creatine is also similar to BCAA'S in the way it helps build muscles from the molecule level. Creatine is key to muscle growth and is always present in muscle tissue, so increasing the levels of creatine will boost performance and growth.

  • Reduces your muscle breakdown
  • Improves muscle pumps
  • Improves muscle growth over time

Taurine & Aline are sulfur-containing amino acids that improve the overall performance of muscle mass. With ALA (Alpha-lipoic acid) you will receive higher levels of Glucose absorbed into muscle fibers. This makes them work longer and making them absorb more creatine!

  • Reduces muscle breakdown
  • Improves Glucose
  • Increases Creatine absorption
The CELL TECH Formula Volumes
The CELL TECH Formula Volumes

Cell-Tech Ratings, History, And Price Range!

  • Effects: Bulking powder
  • Sales History: 10+ years
  • Ingredient Types: Natural
  • Side Effects: Bloating
  • Customer Opinion: 74% positive
  • Money-Back Guarantee: 30 days
  • Price Range: £30.00 – 49.99
  • Available For Delivery: International

The Health Risks

Creatine has been known to cause liver/kidney damage if abused. If you are going to take this supplement then make sure you follow the directions and never consume more than advised!

Other side effects may be bloating and stomach aches. There is a majority of customer reviews that report bloating and stomach upsets.

  • Bloating
  • Stomach aches

Cell Tech Feedback

“I have been a long fan of Muscletech since they started trading. My best product for when I bulk is Cell-Tech because it works in many different ways. It obviously helps with my muscle growth but also energy and stamina levels. I take it on and off for 4 weeks at a time because it can start to make you bloating if used over longer periods. I know Cell-Tech works well and at any level of competition! Dave, Cambridge.”

“I use Cell Tech for both bulking and cutting cycles because I trust the brand and know there are no side effects compared to other brands. I am extremely happy with both gains and definition caused by Cell-Tech. Great product and highly recommended: Marty, Adelaide.”

Final Cell Tech Review/Analisise

There is no getting away from Cell-Tech by Muscletech ticks all the correct boxes! It receives amazing reviews and excellent feedback from well-known bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts!

Here at Body Bros, we have been using this product on and off for many years because we love the flavors and know the formula is well developed and backed by science.

If you're looking for a top-rated product for bulking cycles and a better all-round workout then use Cell-Tec. Happy lifting 😉

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